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Digital Textile Printers

TEX INDIA offers total solutions for Digital Textile Printing in India. Based on our unrivalled knowledge and experience of digital and textile printing, we offer Digital Textile Printing related systems - and supporting services - you need.

STORK Sapphire                             

STORK Sapphire The Sapphire is an ideal solution for high quality short runs & samples. Compatible with wide variety of natural & synthetic textiles.
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • High Color Consistency
  • Reactive/ Acid/ Disperse/ Pigment Dyes
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STORK Sapphire II  
STORK Sapphire II The Sapphire II is ideal for high quality sampling & production runs on textile and apparel. The adhesive blanket prevents the movement of the fabric and assures perfect registration. Perfect Machines for Knits & Silks, where straight accuracy on the edges is necessary.
  • High Quality Print
  • No Back Print Problems
  • High degree of reproducibility
  • Reactive/ Acid/ Disperse/ Pigment Dyes
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STORK Jade The Jade is ideal for high quality production runs on more or less on any kind of fabric. Accomodating width of up to 1.60m,the jade is often using for printing fashion textiles, but in fact is ideal for any situation where flexibility, speed & accuracy is necessary.
  • Extra Precision-Perfect Registration
  • Eliminating Back Printing
  • Controlled Fabric Solution
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STORK Tourmaline

STORK Tourmaline

For high quality digital production runs on virtually all types of fabrics with width up to 2.20m, the Tourmaline is unrivalled. Tourmaline is ideal for creating home furnishings, banners, flags, textiles and other fabrics where width is critical.

  • Perfect Registration with Wider Blanket
  • High Speed with respect to Wider Width
  • Controlled Solution for Wide Fabrics
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Texjet T-Shirt Printer

Texjet T-Shirt Printer

TEXJET prints directly on T-Shirts, using washable textile pigment inks. The perfect solution for fast and economical production of printed garments.

  • Perfect Solution for Garment Exporters
  • High Speed Printing on Panels
  • White Color on Black Fabric Possibility
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